hands-on training

Hosted by Haven Earth Center and Holistic Progression Designs

Lucky Spring Farm - Bodrum, Turkey

19th - 28th May 2019.

$369 investment for the workshop.

Equinox, boat ride and beach celebration.

Beautiful water-front boutique hotel. 

The Programme

Each day, we will gather for meals and a quality debrief session of the previous day.

In the evenings there will be a lot of free time for exploration and relaxation where you can enjoy eco videos as well as meaningful conversations with other students. We will also gather around the fire and enjoy singing combined with live musical instruments. Optional morning meditation and yoga class.

Workshop Training

  • Design your home using bio mimicry and solar passive design

  • Draw your future home on the ground

  • The making of an air crete and brick preparation

  • The making of super adobe mix and building a 3 metre room

  • The making of door and window forms and pouring a window frame

  • Installing a sandbag foundation and the supporting buttresses

  • Window installation 

  • Building of the walls and roof with air crete bricks

  • Explanation of plumbing of grey water and potable water

  • Plastering and finishing touches (video tutorials and practical)

  • Running the electrical conduits in the walls and installing lights (video tutorials)

  • Spiral design and custom finishing touches

Classroom Theory & Additional Video Training

On the 3rd or 4th day, there will be a 2 hour classroom time, to review and discuss the details of the project (I will have technical drawings to show the important details) - each participant will get a full set of drawings for the home/project when they complete the workshop, to take home for their own use - (in Autocad and PDF versions).

Each participant will get full access to the workshop video / documentary presentation once completed, to help remind them of the process, etc. (received in the weeks following). 


The price of the workshop is just $369 USD, which includes full catering on site. Accommodation and additional meals are not included in this price, however options are listed below. Deposits are non-refundable.

Special Dietary Requirements

We will have lunch catered for on site, which consists entirely of fresh local produce, prepared locally - good, healthy and organic. Some fish and meat options will be available for meat eaters. Breakfast and dinner will be served at the place of accommodation, and we will issue the menu ahead of time for all to make their preferred selections.


The workshop accommodation is located off-site, approximately a 20 minutes drive away (provided by us), at a boutique resort equipped with a pool, beautiful rooms, sea views and access to the beach.


Shared rooms are $245 USD, private rooms are $385 USD for the entire week (7 days).

Breakfast and dinner is included - all efforts will be made to meet all specific dietary requirements, provided that we are informed ahead of time.

Sight-seeing Opportunities

We will be working a 6 day week. On Sunday, we will have a trip to Bodrum Center, where there will be a private boat ride organised to take us to visit a local, uninhabited Island; where people can swim and even Scuba dive with professional instructors. For the boat trip and scuba diving, there will be an additional charge but kept to a minimum if enough people wish to participate. 


To book your place on the Natural Dome Home Live Workshop, please complete the deposit payment (50% of total amount) and fill out the following information.

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