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Our commitment is to the building of a bright, eco-friendly future through specialised collaboration and heart focused ethics.

Collective For Positive Change


Our Mission

Haven Earth Center was created to meet the growing demand for the systematic, earth-focused development of sovereign, self-reliant, organically grown, eco-communities globally.

Through our research, we have found unique ways in which we can rapidly develop ethical projects, with the support of conscious investors and a growing collective of Master Natural builders, Eco-wizards, Bio-technicians, Permaculture and food growing specialists, teacher trainers, and much more. 

Together, we are co-creating and developing amazing models of self-regenerative, self-reliant, eco-communities world wide.

Haven Earth Center is a catalyst for the change we wish to see in the world.

If, like ourselves, you are dedicated to building an earth-centred model of living, we openly welcome you and look forward to making you apart of our collective.

In the end, it is together; in unity and in harmony, that we will co-create the reality we have been dreaming of, and in our hearts, know is achievable.

Closing the Gap


About Us

“A transitional platform, sort of a guide, to allow people to begin relocating from the dense urban (sick) reality, into a nature inspired and focussed community centric model of living, a creative haven”. - Paul Richardson, Founder.

We see ourselves as providing a means to close the gap between the land, people and investors, unlocking the abundance which naturally flows when working in harmony with nature and honouring and working with ‘Natural Laws’.

Natural Building Workshop - Bodrum, Turkey.

16th - 30th September 2018.

In collaboration with Bio Vedia Academy, Haven Earth Center will be hosting the next Natural Building Workshop in Bodrum, Turkey.

Learn all the techniques and develop the skills required to build two types of Natural Earth Dome Homes; Air Crete and Super Adobe.

Gain hands-on experience whilst being supported by our Master Builders and Workshop Facilitators. 

Visit the Bio Vedia website for more information about the September workshop. 


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